The International Trust for the Education of Zambian Orphans (ITEZO) implementing programs in the thematic areas of women’s empowerment for vulnerable women and education support for orphans and vulnerable children and youth in Zambia.

ITEZO’s beginnings’ are rooted in 1985 where it started as a Zambian Support Group in Geneva. The initial work was supported by the International School of Geneva, members of the Pope John XX111 Parish Geneva, the United Nations Women’s Guild, the Community of Caring Women in Zambia, the Archdiocese of Lusaka and various other contributors. Women in Geneva mobilized people to donate second hand clothing, toys and educational material, which they sent to Zambia. Realizing that the beneficiaries needed much more than donations, one of the founders, Mary Kasonde retired and went back home to Zambia and established ITEZO as a local non-governmental organization.

The aim was to provide education support to orphans and vulnerable youth that are victims of HIV/AIDS in one way or the other, and also to provide an income generating skill to widows and other vulnerable women.

Today ITEZO has transformed its programs to become more financially self-sustaining. One of the ways it has done this is by creating a Social Business Enterprise, Kuya Kwile, under its women’s empowerment project. The education support project, Gill Reeve, has also turned into a self-replenishing project. Please visit the Women’s Empowerment and Education Support Pages for more information.

All beneficiaries (and their families in warranted cases) are trained in HIV/AIDS and cancer awareness, household food security/nutrition, entrepreneurial skills and awareness against Gender Based Violence (GBV)


ITEZO envisions communities wherein orphans, vulnerable children and women (including widows) are liberated from poverty and suffering


ITEZO operates in Zambia to protect the welfare of women and innocent children left to fend for themselves under the harsh circumstances through creating and opening formal education for children and skills training for women