To date, ITEZO has supported over 1000 students through the provision of education material and finances through the participation of both local and international donors. Initially the program supported children who are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS to complete their secondary school through to tertiary level. Yet with high levels of unemployment recorded in Zambia it is clear that even following completion of their studies there is no guarantee of employment to ensure that the poverty cycle is broken.

The new ITEZO seeks to implement a holistic approach to helping orphaned/vulnerable students to fight vulnerability through education and employment. From the programs that have been implemented, lessons learnt have shown us that as we strive to be more efficient and effective, we ought to engage in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), which are a proven mechanism in fighting poverty.

In a quest to further improve lives and build futures of the vulnerable, ITEZO has forged partnerships with the private sector. One of the ways is by partnering with Recruitment and Coaching Agencies. The latter will provide their professional coaching services to our students through their education life. The Recruitment agencies will prepare and place the graduates into jobs. By partnering with recruiters we identify and project future needs of the economy and the recruiters will then target potential employers to take on the well-trained graduates.

Once placed into jobs, our beneficiaries and their employers will contribute to the education support fund in the first year of employment in order for the fund to grow and sponsor more students.

A good friend of ITEZO, Gill Reeve, who is now deceased donated funds to ITEZO and willed that they be used to educate vulnerable female youth. Our replenishment mechanism will begin the girls and once the funds grow the service will be extended to male youth.